Your end of year kick-up-the-arse inspiration

I challenge anyone to find a video that inspires an animator, film maker or storyteller better than these precious few minutes of Ralph Bakshi.

Some people love him, some not so much, but you can’t fault his plain simple approach to getting something done and the ‘what’s stopping you’ mentality. I’m guilty of this too! I think it’s the fear you have deep down of something not living up to your expectations.

Ralph Bakshi back in the day
Ralph Bakshi back in the day, getting it done with no regard for fire safety

With the internet showing you the best of the best, highlights of the creative world if you will, it’s easy to feel like everyone else is better than you, and…well what’s the point of making something if no one will notice? But then that’s the side effect of wanting affirmation and fame…whereas most people do actually enjoy telling a story, they just forget it in the whirlwind of ‘inspiration’.

This video works for me because it speaks to the core creative being that is the 7 year old version of myself, watching films and just wanting to entertain and have fun doing it. Making up your own worlds, where pretty much anything can happen! Recent shows like Adventure Time SuperJail show that even ‘mainstream’ animation can still attract a huge audience.

Everyone wants a commission for a series or a feature contract…but maybe we’d be better just getting stuck in and focusing on the hard yet cheaper stuff (like character and story development) and just….well getting it done!

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