New site – the skinny

Finally I’m back!

I took the site down to refresh it earlier this year, but life got in the way and there’s always these growing ambitions about what your website should look like when you start digging. I had a think about what I wanted from it and decided just to get something simple up for now and customise as I need to. My ‘online presence’ has changed in the past few years, so this new site will reflect that.

So what will the new site be about? What kind of content can you expect to see? Here’s the skinny (as much as I love this phrase, cream makes most things taste better…but let’s not get onto that).

  • A place for my show/demo reel from my day job.
  • Somewhere to share the best bits of my sketchbook.
  • An online journal for tracking the making of films or progress of projects.
  • Anything else I find interesting around my career and work life balance.

The main thing is I’m a bit older now, and with a bit of perspective, I’ve not got the narrower purpose my website had 10 years ago (to get me a job!) although keeping my profile ticking over doesn’t hurt.

Sketching by Southampton docks
Sketchbooks help me remember things vividly and it’s kind of like meditation too! Even if you’re not a career artist or ‘creative’, everyone should have a go. Just try not to expect too much and have fun making lines!

If anyone reading this is looking for advice or feedback on their career in animation, just drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help. Although I don’t work for a big Hollywood studio, I’ve had some great guidance during my career so far, some of which will be useful for those starting out or changing paths.

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