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Hey everyone! Exciting news…I’ve been working away on a business idea, Toon Boom Trainer and I recently launched the website.

Funnily enough, the website is called We get animators up to speed in the 2D animation software, Toon Boom Harmony. But we’re not just another online course. I’ll act as your personal tutor, with a weekly review chat, 7-day support and great source files to work from. I’ve replicated the studio mentorship environment and applied it to this course, so you’ll get the absolute best advice along the way.

Adam Oliver certified Toon Boom expertIt’s perfectly suited to those who don’t want to spend days trawling YouTube for answers, or stumble through the more complex aspects of the program using tedious PDFs. Learning new software is an amazing investment and Toon Boom Harmony is dominating the animation industry right now. If you’re an animator already, four weeks of training will allow you to apply for Harmony-specific studio positions. Right now, there’s a 50% off launch discount at Toon Boom Trainer. A bargain if I do say so myself!

The Summer School is really just to test the water and covers a lot of ground, hence the intensive term! After this though, I’ll be focusing on specifics, so there will be rigging, animation, design and workflow courses. It’s worth mentioning that all the course is ‘intensive’, you can complete it part-time. This means you can keep your bill paying job and learn something new. To allow for those areas you might want to study further, we’ve got ‘stretch tasks’ which will enhance your understanding. Our current start date is set to July 31st, but we’re flexible and may run two batches of classes due to subscription levels.

If you’re interested in Toon Boom Trainer and would like to know more or have some feedback for me, please do get in touch! Cheers, all!

Toon Boom Trainer with Adam Oliver

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