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Ever took part in a Sketchcrawl? This is the original sketch meetup by Enrico Casarosa of Pixar fame. It’s like a pub crawl, but with drawing instead of beer (well, the beer is not the main focus, at least!) It’s a great way to meet fellow sketchers and see a place with fresh eyes.

There’s an event 29th July 2017, If you fancy it, here’s a link to the event page on the forum. If there’s no topic in your location, set one up! I would set up a group for Manchester myself, but I’m at a wedding! Bummer, but marriage of friends and that stuff you know. Next time, he cries!

Sketchcrawl forum link: http://bit.ly/2sbbdV4

Added frivolities: I did my own one man band sketchcrawl (so keen, so sad) back in 2004. I was a student then and just out around my hometown, Nottingham. Here are a few pictures from the day. Was a lot of fun as a little project, and interesting for me to see how I’ve developed. The sample pages below show I was still wrestling with construction and my ‘cartoony’ tendancies!┬áThat’s what you get growing up reading The Beano ­čÖé See my new sketchbook work here.

My current hometown, Manchester is a great place to draw. There’s all the industrial charm of Deansgate locks,┬ámodern developments popping up all over the city and not forgetting the easy hipster pace of Ancoats. The tram is the lazy option, as places like Cornbrook will give you amazing views of the changing skyline, like the super expansion of Salford. Then you just hop back on and off you go! Easy peasy.

I still remember the things I drew that day. A sketch is worth a BAZILLION words my friends. Happy sketching y’all!

old sketchcrawl samples
You can tell I was new to watercolours when I did these…the paper crinkled like a Floridian pensioner

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